Team Stats for Day 1

Team Stats for Day 1

Dylan Tunnell and Mac Taylor are tied at 5 assists and Beau Kittredge lead the team with 5 goals (4 in the game against Australia). Sarah “Surge” Griffith leads the ladies with 4 goals.

Tomorrow the team plays Colombia (1-1, 1-point loss to Japan and a 13-10 win over Great Britain) in the morning and Japan (1-1, 1-point win over Colombia and a 13-10 loss to Australia) In the first afternoon game.

For Colombia, Elizabeth Mosquera (#15) scored 7 goals and Mauricio Martinez (#52) had 5 Assists (and 2 goals).

For Japan, Masashi Kurono (#6 from the Buzz Bullets) had 9 assists in the 2 games today, while Madoka Ito (#9 from UNO) had 7 goals.


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