Gold Medal Game!

Gold Medal Game!

Colombia and Australia are currently playing their last game of the tournament, but more importantly, the winner of this game will play the US tonight in the Gold Medal game! Game will air at 7:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm Central/5:00 pm Mountain/4:00 pm Pacific) – use the link above to access the free live stream (you may need to press the play button in the lower left hand corner of the player).

We will also be giving updates on Twitter from @USAUltimateWG and using the hashtag #twgwfdf. U-S-A!

(Editor’s Note: Australia defeated Colombia in the game this morning, 13-11, so they will be matching up against the US tonight in the Gold Medal game! The US team won their first match up against Australia 13-8 on Day 1.)


4 thoughts on “Gold Medal Game!

  1. can you see if the video streaming pipe can be made a bit bigger for the final? The Bronze medal game keeps dropping out… very disappointing viewer experience

  2. Great game. Ultimate frisbee is becoming a very nice sport. Great competition. I have also watched the European. But the best players I have watched was the Golden Medal.


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