Brett Matzuka #45

Brett Bid - 2012 Club


DoB: 4/30/1985 (28)

Born: Morris, IL

Lives: Raleigh, NC

Day Job: Graduate Student (Biomathmatics, PhD) & Quantitative Analyst

College Team: University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia); North Carolina State University

Club Team: North Carolina Ring of Fire

Ultimate Achievements: Won the World Beach Ultimate Championships twice (2007 and 2011) and the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championship (2007); selected to the Australian National Team (2008)

Favorite Tournament: Kaimana, World Club Championships, USA Ultimate Club Championships, World Beach Championships or really any tournament that I play in!

Hobbies Outside of Ultimate: Tennis, board games, guitar, basketball, golf, scuba diving, swimming, paintball, running, video games and anything that you can enjoy with friends!

What You Don’t Know About Me: I was originally a music major and write, record, mix and edit my own music. I am from Hawaii – Yay Aloha State!


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