Rohre Titcomb #44

Rohre Bid at WC Tryouts Cropped

DoB: 1/2/1988 (25)

Born: Seattle, WA

Lives: Seattle, WA

Day Job: Owner and manager of Five Ultimate and Five Bamboo

College Team: Dartmouth College Princess Layout

Club Team: Seattle Riot (Previously Boston Brute Squad)

Ultimate Achievements: The highlights in my Ultimate career are not specific milestones. They aren’t as quantifiable as a championship, but they mean more to me. I am most proud of things like making my teammate smile when she’s down, inspiring great play with my words of encouragement, my personal improvement year over year and giving everything I can to my team.

Favorite Tournament: Paganello (Beach Tournament in Italy)

Hobbies Outside of Ultimate: Spending time with my siblings, skiing, playing with my dog Ruhki and headbands.

What You Don’t Know About Me: I was hit by a car in Hong Kong when I was 3.


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